Server is not responding. Cloudflare 522

I own my domain through GoDaddy. I am using Cloudflare for their nameservers and DNS services. I am attempting to host a home webserver using Virtualmin but anytime I try to access the site, I get a Cloudflare 522 error. I have set up all of the “Suggested DNS Records” that Virtualmin provides for me to use on Cloudflare. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Provide more info please. What do your ‘suggested DNS records’ look like?

Here are my suggested DNS records provided by Virtualmin. Since I am using Cloudflare, I am not using BIND DNS on Virtualmin.

||IN|TXT|“v=spf1 a mx ip4:MY LOCAL SERVER IP ip4:MY PUBLIC IP ip6:MY PUBLIC IP ?all”|

Did you setup the entries on Cloudflare?

1 Type: A Name: Content: yourIP
2 Type: CNAME Name: www Content:
3 Type: A Name: ftp Content: yourIP
4 Type: A Name: m Content: yourIP

Hey @voglaj, the Cloudlfare setup looks good.

The devil is in the details. Would you mind sharing the hostname of the Virtualmin server or one of the domain names of a virtual server so that we could take a closer look?

Sure! My hostname is host.virtualmin (which is a .com but it will only let me put 2 links here). I am also unable to access my Virtualmin server using the hostname even with But I am able to access it using One of my domain names is teamvogl (which is a .com but it will only let me put 2 links here), which pops up when I click on “Preview Website” but is not accessible when I just type in the domain. I own the domain on GoDaddy and I host my DNS with Cloudflare. Please let me know if any more information will help diagnose! Thanks!

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