Server IP Change - SSH login slow and no FTP access

I have just changed the IP addresses for my VPS and sought advice, which I actioned, here.

All seems to have gone OK, for my domains, however, I cannot direct FTP access (via IP).

Also, ssh login is now VERY slow.

DNS resolution has updatesd is inlcuded and the hosts file refers to this.

What am I missing?


Well, let’s tackle FTP first.

What kind of error do you get when trying to access it?

Also, I have a few questions –

  1. What distro are you using

  2. What is the output of the command: iptables -L -n

FTP error:
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Could not connect to server

If I try to access domains on the server, I get the same response!

I am using Centos 5.7

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

ACCEPT udp – udp dpt:20

ACCEPT udp – udp dpt:21

ACCEPT udp – udp dpt:53

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:20000

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:10000

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:443

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:80

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:993

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:143

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:995

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:110

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:20

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:21

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:53

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:25

ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:22

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)

target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)

target prot opt source destination

BTW, when logging onto ssh (via putty), when I type in my user name, I get a response of ‘Access Denied’, but it still goes to pass word and lets me in

Hmm, if you haven’t rebooted since you restarted ProFTPd – it’s possible that it’s listening on the old IP address, and not the new one. You may want to try restarting the ProFTPd daemon to see if that resolves the FTP issue.


Opening just one firewall port for might not work since the FTP protocol uses more than one port (search also for active and passive ftp and firewall).

I have rebooted the server and, now, proftp, without luck.

As mentioned already, I doubt that the above firewall rules work will allow FTP to work. You can confirm this by disabling the firewall.

I have mode no changes to the firewall since the Ip change.

Would an IP change affect the firewall?

I don’t think so (if it is the same interface).

But did you disable the firewall and test ftp again?

Not sure if related or relevant!

All but one (of 20+) site is up and running.

All sites where I have DNS running locally and the VPS set up as nameserver at the registrars load quickly.

On a few crucial domain, I have used the registrar’s (123-reg) NS and pointed the www, @, etc at the new IP address. these domains are very slow, 123 claim it is not their NS’s, so, I am again worried that something hasn’t ‘taken’ on my VPS and it is related to the other issues.

Helpmin - yes, but no good!

What do you mean by sites. Virtual Servers?

Based on the new information, it looks like you did much more than just change the Ip address :slight_smile: But it is not clear what exactly.


yes, but no good!

I am not sure what you mean exactly

site = website=url/domain

yes, disables, but still no access!

It looks like your DNS is not configured correctly (based on your recent posts). You could start with

Last night, I totally stripped back the DNS structure of the server and started from scratch.

Whilst DNS is a black are of which I am only an apprentice, I managed to do something right and all is working again, however, there is an issue I cannot work out re a parent nameserver (but browsing & access are not affected).

Thanks for your pointers and help.