Server goes down during backup

Hi, has anyone of you had have a server down during creating backup?

Few times during backup my websites with all features, whole server went down, even SSH. The only one method for a reboot was via OVH control panel. Why is this? Wrong settings/bug? Hardware should be OK.

I have a dedicated server OVH SP32 SSD, the latest Centos and the latest Webmin/Virtualmin with all updates. Logs don’t tell a lot.

Any idea? Thx


I would suspect the hardware - overheating or something else faulty… you should speak with ovh helpdesk regards this.

Thx unborn, I’m testing the server now and it looks stable, I set backup into the main server and also FTP, maybe this make a problem. Now I’m uploading files to FTP only and is good so far. However I need more test.

Any other ideas why 2 parallel backups make a problem?

eg. these are my backup settings:

hey sz00gun, what you can try is to create backup locally and then by cron you can put them via ssh to another server with rsync… that way you will have backup off side as well on side… but before doing cron job you can just rsync -v in terminal so you can see it the problem during sync… if everything oka, you can setup backup cron job. or you can setup backup in ssh. also try to put one backup a time… dont do two parallel backups at the same time.

SORTED!!! After many tests and many reboots, The problem in FTP backup module. During saving backup on dedicated server all looks OK, but during sending files to the external FTP, sometimes whole server goes down…

Don’t know why… has any one got similar problem?

what distro this is happening on?

CentOS 7.2-1511 ovh kernel

Start sending files with FTP and use top and netstat to see what is going on with your server. If the server doesnt implode in 1 second you should be able to see where the problem begins. Poorly configured DB and apache could be one reason and during the transfer your server is left without enough CPU power or memory to keep everything up (i’m just guessing).

I didnt see or you didnt mention what are the specs of your server, raid or no raid… plus what software are you hosting there, how many accounts, websites, etc.

Logs don’t tell a lot.

What this means? They have some info, no info at all or something else?

Hardware should be OK.

OVH dedicated servers have rescue mode. Did you use it to check for potential hardware failure?

My suggestion is first to eliminate potential hardware problem. Once done continue with the rest and check again the log files maybe you can find some clue what is going on right before you server go down.

hi, sorry for late reply, I’ve been bit busy… well I cannot help you on this one as I am only debian guy. Sorry.