Server aliases consume a license slot

I’ve just noticed that my VM server now says

No more servers can be added, the system has reached its licenced maximum of 50.
About 18months ago i asked Joe whether aliases should consume a license slot and the reply was...
I'm not actually sure...I didn't write the domain checker. I'll have to look into it--they probably shouldn't, but it's probably not easy to treat them differently.
So can i get some confirmation on whether this will change in the future ?

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I’m also facing the same issue and would like some clarification.

I have some domains that have a lot of aliases - .net, .org, hyphenated, variations etc etc.

It seems to me that an alias is not an actual ‘domains’ as such and shouldnt count towards the licenced number of domains.

But apparently they do.

iirc… they dont count on other cp’s

Can somebody please confirm the official line on this



I use Godaddy for domain control, and someone suggested that I could use their nameservers for the “alias” domains, etc. I don’t know if that would work or not, but it would save a small amount of processing if it works, right?

That’s a bug. Aliases shouldn’t consume domain licenses. I’ll ask Jamie to correct it in the next version.

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

I’ve filed a bug, if you’d like to keep tabs on progress: