Server alias with own SSL cert

I have as an alias of needs its own SSL cert. The “Manage SSL Certificates” option doesnt become available no matter if, while an alias of, has a website enabled or not.

Is this a virtualmin limitation OR is this a consequence of the way Apache and/or HTTPS are structured? If the former, I would appreciate any pointers on how to get around it.

setting up as a separate server, even if it uses the same document root as, would be a waste of memory.

how do i slap a SSL cert on ?!


Since and share the same VirtualHost config – what you could do is setup the SSL certificate for the Virtual Server.

Once you do that, both and would each be sharing the same SSL certificate.

An alias server can’t manage an SSL cert, but if you add the certificate to the parent Virtual Server, that should do what you’re after.


thanks andrey, I should have clarified that I need 2 SSL certs, one for each domain. From my understanding the above setup is not intended for this situation.

Ah… unfortunately, that won’t work. Well, not exactly, but I’ll get to that in a moment :slight_smile:

You can only have one SSL certificate per IP address. So normally, that would mean that you’d need two different Virtual Servers (not an alias), each on their own IP address.

That’s a limitation of the SSL protocol and how it’s implemented in Apache and mod_ssl.

So your options are:

  1. Create two separate Virtual Servers, and put them each on a dedicated IP address

  2. Although you can only have one SSL certificate per IP address, it’s actually possible to have multiple domains in a single SSL certificate. It’s called a “UCC SSL certificate”, and most SSL companies sell those. If you were to purchase one of those UCC SSL certificates, and add multiple domains into it – you could then do what you’re after using as a top-level Virtual Server, and as an Alias Server.


ouch, UCC certs are expensive… and using 2 vhosts wastes resources… I’m going to modify the app to use a single cert.

thanks again, Eric and Andrey.

is it possible to have two document roots, one for http and another for https ?

Basically yes… if they’re defined as separate virtual hosts, you can give each of them a different document root directive.

This will require some manual fiddling though, since Virtualmin uses the same Apache config template, and thus the same DocumentRoot, for the HTTP and HTTPS variant of a virtual server.