Serious flaw in VM

I run in to something that I consider a serious flaw that I have not read anything about before in any documentation
Because of server load I decided to use two different vps for our domains. So created the domains in the new vps and moved the sites and changed dns.
Then deleted the same domains in the old vps. All worked as it should. Two weeks after the hosting company had to do some maintenance work on the server where the first vps is running. Afterwords I got an alarm that the domain was not reachable. I could soon see that the Apache was not running. Tried to start it but failed. Checked logs and found the problem. When removen the domains from the old vps the virtual servers configs was not removed and when Apache was restarted it could not find the webspace for the old domains. Why. Because the conf files were left in the sites-available folder. For me this a big bug in an otherwise good CP.

Were there errors when deleting the domain(s)? Obviously, that’s not what is supposed to happen.

No none. Went normal. I never thought of checking if all was cleaned out. Took a while before I reslised what the problem was. The logs were not very clear. But it will for sure not happen again

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