Seperate SMTP mail server local mail not delivered to correct mail server

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
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Hi there,

I am using a separate Virtualmin install for outgoing mail (this is a temp solution) I have replicated and domain mail boxes on this server and updated email client to use this for sending.

DNS is handled by Cloudflare.

Everything is working as expected except for local emails which are being delivered to the outgoing mail servers users boxes…

I have updated the MX records on the outgoing mail server to point to the correct server - but it seems these records are ignored.

Would anyone know of an easy fix for this or am I trying to swim upstream?

Any help gratefully accepted

Well, since no one else has touched this.

Not sure why you created email users on the outbound machine. It just relays. It doesn’t even need a DNS record on the internet. Leave the rest in tact ‘as was’.

If you don’t want it to accept mail from the internet, no MX record is needed. Just an IP address in your configuration on the machine you are relaying from would do.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. There are reasons why I need to setup users on the outbound machine. The MX record referenced is on the domain DNS of the outbound mail server and it points to the main mail server.

Kind regards

And you expect the mail to be delivered elsewhere?

Legitimate mail should go to the machine that is referenced by the MX record.
Spammers will hit ANY machine with an open port 25.

But, putting users with emails on the relay box I don’t understand and can’t help with trying to sort what goes where.

It OK thanks, I am obviously not explaining myself very well.
All the best