Separate disks for websites and mail store

Hi, I want to to put several disks on HW Raid card. 2x250GB SSD on RAID1 AND 6x2TB HDD on RAID10.
The first RAID1 array will be used for OS and Virtualmin, and on RAID10 array I want to put all email data.
Is this possible to configure, that Virtualmin would work without issue in this scenarios? My plan is that 200 websites would have excellent performance on SDD, and RAID10 with 6TB (2000 users with ~3GB mailboxes) email data would be used only for emails.
I looked at configuration and see that virtualmin put all data on /home directory. But what I need is that similar for example /homeweb and /homemail directories on separate disk arrays. Actually I don’t see reason that email could be reached for website administrators. Emails are data of users, and they should get it only through email clients on computers and webmail.

Can someone share any thoughts?

If you want to use disk quotas, you can’t divide user data up like this. And, performance isn’t going to be much different with your plan. I don’t recommend you try to micromanage it. Just make a small /boot partition and a big / partition on a volume (on whatever underlying RAID md thing you like, if md can’t do the kind of striping/mirroring you want) and call it done.

You can probably make Maildir a link to another partition/volume, or maybe tweak something in Server Templates. But, I just can’t recommend it. You’re just making your life hard for no benefit.

Thanks for the answer. So the biggest issue would be that I will loose the ability to control the quota, though this is important thing to my configuration. And I can’t control it in this scenario even I would put the Maildir in other location. Am I correct?
Ok, but what about performance, if the system with mail queue and mail index files will be on SSD, don’t you think that performance would be many times better?

Yes and there might be other issues too if you put mail on a different path - I had issues with users being unable to create / delete mailboxes and sundry other quirks in an earlier version of Virtualmin when I had attempted to do exactly what you are planning @driftux1.

It would be a sweet feature to have in Virtualmin, the ability to move mail to slower / cheaper media and keep web content on SSD or if Dovecot’s dbox could be supported, both with quotas reflecting accurately.

A six disk raid10 is nearly identical in speed to a 2 disk ssd raid1. Unless you’re talking nvme. 6R10=3x read/write speed. Good hard disks are about 180mb/s. So 3 of them in parallel gives 540mb/s. Essentially same as ssd raid 1. So you’re not gaining or losing anything. Well, better access times on the ssd is about it. So I think you’re making it to difficult. Although I get it, I too try to maximize a server before I ship it off to the DC.

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Actually, I didn’t find where to change Maildir location for the users, but if it can’t be done from the Virtualmin GUI, I don’t want to risk with special tricks, especially after @calport comment that other things can go wrong. When your system will be used by thousands of users it is mission critical.

As the @scotwnw comment I agree that a good HDD in the array can perform quite good, but in my case I have WD RED 2TB disks and they are design more for the NAS storage. Putting those on array will triple the speed, but there will tons of random small check on the disk, and no sequential transfers. We are talking here about 6TB of data which will have millions of inode’s on the disks.

First of all I asked about changing the mail directory and I got an answers. But what about if I mount /home directory on:

a) separate disk or disk array;
b) another server through NFS version 4
c) another server through iSCSI

Would I loose the ability to control the quota in all those a,b,c scenarios above?

I don’t believe that anyone here is not using Virtualmin through iSCSI or NFS… Hello?

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