Sent Mail Copy

I am not using any local clients like Outlook / Thunderbird. I am logging on to VirtualMin, click on “Read User Mail”, select the user, and Compose button.

Mails are sent successfully, so I know they leave the server. When I traverse to the Sent/ SentMail folder, I do not see any messages.

How can I ensure that emails sent from VirtualMin (usermin i believe) are saved in Sent folder/ SentMail folder?

It’s the responsibility of the email client to put outgoing mail in a certain IMAP folder, so in this case it’s a configuration option of Usermin. When you’re in your Usermin inbox, click the “Preferences” link in the top-left, and go to section “Mail folders”. You can set the folder names for the “special folders” sent, drafts, trash there.

maybe I did not post my question correctly. Here , my email client is UserMin (or whatever is virtualmin’s default webmail client) to send emails. Under preferences link (Mail Folders) i have: Sent mail folder name “Automatic”.

Does this work or do I need to explicitly give the name as “sent”? I was under the impression userMin can take care of this and save emails which are sent in the “sent”/ “sent-mail” folder.

It should be taken care of automatically, yes. Maybe in your case Usermin can’t determine the name of the “sent mail” folder for some reason. Are you using some non-standard name/spelling for it? The usual spelling is a lower-case “sent”. You might have to explicitly enter your folder name.

Alternatively, you can check the system logs, if there are error messages when Usermin tries to move a sent mail to the sent folder.