Sent items empty in Usermin

Hi guys,
i have a client who accesses their emails via mobile phone app.
In usermin i can see incoming emails, however, i cannot ever see deleted/junk or sent items…these areas are blank in Usermin.

The clients incoming and outgoing mail server settings are both correctly pointing at my IMAP server and ports.

Is this a configuration problem at my end, or their mobile phone app?

You have not specified which mobile app is being used for mail - there are so many - so let’s just assume for now that the default mail app for the OS is being used: which eliminates the possibility of a problem with the mobile app.

There are two other possibilities which you should consider before you conclude that the problem could be at your end:

  1. Outgoing email is not being saved in the Sent folder; it is being stored in some other folder such as Sent Items and you haven’t looked there yet
  2. The client is not using IMAP; the outcome you describe is typical of POP3 access which has been configured to leave messages on server

To assure yourself that your server is operating normally, just setup the account on your own phone and send out a test message. If it shows up in the Sent folder in Usermin, you are golden.

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