sendmail won't send emails!

hello everybody, i have webmin and virtualmin installed on Centos 6, i have sendmail installed and running, i can receive emails from everywhere but i can’t send emails, everytime i send email it says it was successfully sent but i don’t get the mail,
i followed what was written here
but it didn’t work, i have no idea what to do, i’m running a live wordpress website and i need my website to send me alerts about the new comments on my blog and stuff like that…someone help please, i’m newbie by the way, thank you in advance


After sending an email, what message(s) do you see in your mail logs? The mail logs are located in either /var/log/maillog.


my last log file says
unable to qualify my own domain name (myhostname) – using short name
My unqualified host name (myhostname) unknown; sleeping for retry

i usually don’t post on forums until i do everything and can’t find solutions to my problems…


Hmm, just to clarify, are you using the default Postfix mailserver (which uses a command named sendmail)?

Or did you change your server to use the Sendmail service in place of Postfix?

One thing you may want to verify though is to make sure that the name it’s referring to has an entry setup in /etc/hosts.


i’m using the default mail server that comes with webmin, in my webmin control panel i have under webmin-servers-sendmail Mail server, but i have nothing in my webmin control panel that says postfix.
in my /etc/hosts file i have it referring to my VPS IP address and to my host name and other things, how to make sure it has entry setup? and what the name suppose to be that referring? you mean the host name?
thank you for trying to help Eric…

i changed the hosts file to look like this localhost.localdomain localhost myhostname
the alert unable to qualify my own domain name (myhostname) – using short name My unqualified host name (myhostname) unknown; sleeping for retry, that i was getting has gone now, but when i try to send email now i get another log message which says
SYSERR(root): collect: Cannot write ./dft39xxxxxxx (bfcommit, uid=51, gid=51): Permission denied, what you think is the problem?

ok i fixed the problem, as i said i changed the hosts file to the following localhost.localdomain localhost myhostname
And then i changed the permission for the file var/spool/clientmqueue/ to 1777 and now i’m able to send mails. but i’m not sure if this permissions is safe to keep it like this or not, can someone confirm?


The default mail server on a system with Virtualmin (where the was used to set it up) is Postfix.

It sounds like you have Sendmail setup there though… if you had used the to install Virtualmin, it sounds like your mail server got changed somehow.

That may be the cause of some/all of the trouble you’re seeing.

I unfortunately don’t have the directory you’re referring to on my own systems, that only appears to exist on Sendmail systems, so I’m not sure what the default permissions on it would be.

Doing a little Googling on that issue, I did find this URL here which gives an example of what the permissions may need to look like:

thank you so much for being helpful, actually i have no idea how sendmail is being installed on my system, this is the first time i’m using webmin and virtualmin and i’m new to be managing server by my self, and i just followed the installation guide through some websites, however, i do not understand what this means
-r-xr-sr-x root smmsp … /PATH/TO/sendmail
drwxrwx— smmsp smmsp … /var/spool/clientmqueue

can you tell me which permission he was talking about in numbers? like 1777

thank you again for interacting with my post, i appreciate it