Sendmail on server, and GoDaddy email.


I have a server, and I added a virtual server for someone who handles a domain.

My server is hosting just the website. However, sendmail, etc is also there. This user is trying to use sendmail to try and send email via his scripts. Obviously, it isn’t working.

I was wondering if there is a way to somehow make it to work so the email gets sent.

Also wondering, since I added the virtual server. Initially, I wanted to just go in Webmin Users, and give the user access to manage Sendmail. But it gave me a warning and told me to do it through virtualmin.

How do I do it through virtualmin where I give the administrator of the virtual server access to manage a service on the server, such as Sendmail.

Obviously, it isn't working.

I’m not sure why this would be obvious? The sendmail command should work (regardless of whether you’re using our default MTA of Postfix or Sendmail–the command sendmail isn’t the same as the MTA sendmail, and it exists for both Postfix and Sendmail).

How do I do it through virtualmin where I give the administrator of the virtual server access to manage a service on the server, such as Sendmail.

If you just want the user to be able to send mail (which should Just Work, if mail service is working at all), then you definitely don’t want to give them management privileges to the Sendmail service. The Webmin Sendmail (or Postfix) module is for management of low-level server configuration details. Virtual hosting users don’t need, and generally don’t want, to have that level of control over your system. They’d just break stuff.

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That’s weird if it didn’t work and you say it should.
I’m trying to read about it, and there’s just heaps of stuff on it… and I just don’t seem to be getting to the part where it talks about what could be wrong here.

Hmm, also, this sendmail was installed by the Virtualmin GPL Installer script. So, shouldn’t it just work?

Funny. It’s working now!
I’m gonna read more about this to configure sendmail better.

If you used our install script, you don’t need to read about sendmail, you need to read about Postfix. (As I mentioned, Postfix has a sendmail command, but when you want to know about configuring the MTA on a default Virtualmin system, you need to read about Postfix. The sendmail command has no configuration to speak of.) I guess it’s a little confusing that there is a command called sendmail that isn’t really specific to Sendmail. But, as I mentioned, the sendmail command pretty much works or it doesn’t–it has not configuration worth thinking about, and so if it doesn’t send, you need to look at your MTA (which is Postfix).

My apologies.
That was another server I was talking about!

I’m talking about another server which was not installed using the install script.
The user says:

“i can’t send to myself or any ONE email address through any scripts ONLY multiple recipients… signup.php can’t send out activation emails, activation.php can’t send out acount info.”

And it’s sendmail on this one, no postfix. :slight_smile:
Sorry about the confusion.