Sending Server & SSL

Hello all,

I don’t know if this is the right board to post it, but I just will try it :wink:

I have a virtualmin pro setup with several domains hosted for websites and emailaccounts.

Is it possible to setup a sending domain?
For example:
hostname =
hosted domains: and

I would like to have and as sending server shown up in the mailheaders at least.

Is this possible?

Second question is:
Dovecot allows using a certificate for secure connection. I have one set up for my Is it possible to provide more for connections to i.e.?

Best regards and thanks in advance

Howdy Christian,

No, I don’t believe this is possible in any current popular MTA. It’s also probably not desirable, as identity is becoming the single most important part of modern spam filtering techniques–if your servers identity is questionable and changes constantly, I imagine that’d look pretty suspicious to identity-based filters.

As for the second, not easily. It doesn’t look like Dovecot supports multiple SSL certificates spread across different IP addresses (I don’t think any other POP/IMAP servers do either). You could spawn new instances of Dovecot, though it’d be pretty tricky to setup, and more resource intensive. The primary would have to be configured not to listen only on the primary address, and then the others could be spawned on each of the other addresses.

It’s probably easiest to connect folks up to your provider.tld domain.

Hey! Thanks for the answer…

I thought it might be impossible, but who knows. Too bad, I just killed my old cheap plesk vServer a few days ago… I thought it was possible there. But I might be wrong. But the hosting there was… ugly, I swear! cheap price, cheap support, and … no virtualmin :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the dovecot/ssl issue… I can live with it. It’s just fine. But my colleage wants to use the server for a few small customer hosting sites, and he has the fix idea, that they need all their own IP, their own SMTP, their own webmail, their own whatsoever…

The main reason against it… my setup works, is running fine and is secure, I won’t do anything to get any harm on the system.

So thanks for the information, some more arguments against his wishes :stuck_out_tongue: