sending mails works from 1 domain but wont from the other

From i can send mails to anywhere.
From i can only send mails to (locally)
From sending mails to other places (like dont arive.

What could be the problem here? or what log/config files should i post to find problem?

How are you going about sending emails in the above cases?

Are you certain that, when sending email from “” – if using a desktop client, that it’s setup to authenticate Outgoing Email? Many clients don’t default to that, which would cause exactly the symptoms you’re describing.


I’m using usermin at the moment, just to test it.
Not at the phase of using external clients yet.

Hmm, well, DNS for seems to be correct.

Try sending me a test message from the domain that is not working – to, I’d like to see if that works.



Oh, and then when you send it – check in either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log for clues on what’s going on, and whether it’s being delivered or rejected.


usermin says:
"Sending mail to

… done."
Just like before…

added a screenshot of the last part of mail.log

That looks perfect thus far!

It was greylisted though, so we’ll need to wait a few minutes for it to go through.


Okay now that is weird…
Nothing is changed, i just tried to mail myself on gmail again and it seems to be working…

Gonna add the last domain now n see what happens there.

Okay, that’s good to hear.

Also, I assume you received my reply, but your email did come through just fine.

I’d verify that Google didn’t mark it as spam for some reason when you initially sent it there.


Indeed, the mails are marked as spam by gmail.

How should i fix this?

Heres my /var/log/mail.log