Sender's IP blocked by block blacklist (barracuda)


One of our remote users cannot send emails.

In System/Logs, I see that the user’s IP is blocked by Barracuda. Also, this is the message he sees in Outlook error logs.

I added the user’s IP to Servers/SpamAssassin/Allowed Addresses/“Senders to never classify as spam”, saved the changes and still, the message that I get is the same.

Can you please advise? Is that the only place where we control the whitelist?

Thank you

I don’t understand what Barracuda has to do with your Virtualmin system? Have you enabled a Barracuda-provided RBL or something? That’s not something we have any control over, nor is it something we would be able to help with.

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Hi, Joe,

Yes, I use a few RBLs to block some spam.

If I add an IP to “Senders to never classify as spam”, that IP should not be processed by the spam filter anyway, correct?

Virus scanning program is set to local server scanner.

Should I change to Standalone Scanner?

Thank you

I guess? But, an error from Barracuda doesn’t make any sense to me. Can you post the exact messages you see in the maillog?

No. “Standalone scanner” can’t work anymore…clamav has gotten too big to start every time a mail is received (it takes a couple of minutes to start and chews a ton of CPU while it does it). We’re removing that option.

But, don’t change the subject. ClamAV is not the spam filter, and has nothing to do with Barracuda, either (though I still don’t know where Barracuda is coming from, since we don’t provide anything from Barracuda). :wink:

These are the logs:
Apr 13 15:23:00 wemin postfix/smtpd[3410]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[x.x.x.x]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [x.x.x.x] blocked using;; proto=ESMTP helo=<[]>

x.x.x.x = user’s public IP

Same error I see in Outlook on the user’s device.

Thank you

How did you setup RBLs? This looks like Postfix smtp is doing the blocking…I don’t think that’s how Virtualmin’s spam filtering appears (actually, I don’t think it even shows up in the maillog, since it isn’t rejecting at that stage of the process).

I recommend you configure RBLs in SpamAssassin instead of in Postfix. Postfix can only reject or accept, SpamAssassin can give it points so you can make a more nuanced block decision.

You are right, I added those RBLs to Postfix Server/SMTP Client Restrictions.

Can you please let me know where and how should I add the RBLs in Spam Assassin mail filter?

Thank you

Here’s the SpamAssassin docs for DNS Blacklists:

Those options don’t have GUI support in the Webmin SpamAssassin module, but it’s usually just a one or two line change.

And, Barracuda docs for their specific case (and I guess it’s actually about a half-dozen lines, rather than two):

Thank you, Joe.

I will try to figure out how to change the spam assassin conf to add the blacklists.

Stay safe!

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