Sender Dependent Outgoing IP Address

Hi, i am trying to make this: but:

*First, it says its we should have “Virtualmin 3.93 and ideally Webmin 1.600” but i have seen Webmin last version is 1.590.
*I have installed Webmin version 1.590 and Virtualmin version 3.93.gpl GPL

I have made all steps that are in the article but whe i go to Virtualmin to change “Send outgoing email for domain from IP to Virtual server’s address” in the Email Settings for my server configuration, this option not exists, the only option i can see in Email Settings is “Virtual server email-related settings -BCC outgoing email to”

I have tried too making virtualmin modify-mail --outgoing-ip but it gives an error: Unknow parameter

What can i do?
Thanks in advance.

I have not seen that i have installed postfix 2.3.3 and i have updated to 2.9.4 to see if it changes anything about the option " Send outgoing email for domain from IP to Virtual server’s address" but it doesnt change anything. Thanks.


You found some documentation that was written up regarding an upcoming Virtualmin release :slight_smile:

That is indeed a feature that will be available soon, in Virtualmin 3.94. It should be released within the next few weeks.

Once that happens, that guide will likely work a bit better for you :slight_smile: