Send only Postfix configuration

I’ve got an issue with sending email from my server.
I’ve read many many posts about the same “mail transport unavailable” issue but they are all related with things not even actives on my servers.

my situation is :

  • I have a server with Webmin/Virtualmin on a CentOs7 fresh install
  • I want to use this server for hosting my websites : works fine
  • I have 2 virtual servers on this server : and
  • I don’t run BIND since my DNS zones are on another server (OVH, my hosting company) : works fine
  • I don’t want to receive emails on this server for and
  • I don’t use virus filtering and spam filtering

my problem is :

I need to send emails from this server to the outside world
no problem when I try to send to any email address except for wich is the hostname of the server

in this case, all emails stay in the queue with “mail transport unavailable” error.

any idea?

i think, you shouldn’t use domain 1 for which you have a virtual server also as hostname for virtualmin. Try to use something else, like a subdomain or whatever, this might do the trick.

If you have domain1 as hostname for your virtualmin server AND use it too for virtual server, settings might be mixed up.

thanks, you’re right, it should do the trick except that I really want to use as hostname.
I’m sure there is a simple solution but I’ve always found postfix very unintuitive and I can’t find the way…

so, if someone has a way to do it I would be glad to learn it!

well, it seems to work fine with an empty mydestination in
mydestination =

(or in webmin module Webmin|Servers/Postfix Mail Server/General Options > What domains to receive mail for : empty)