Segmentation Fault

The site is: http:/ (Drupal 5.20)
PHP info:
CentOS 5.4
Virtualmin version 3.73 GPL
PHP 5.2.11-1.el5.vmbleed

I get a segmentation fault when trying to edit/create a specific node type (White Screen):
“[notice] child pid 26029 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)”

I’m unable to get PHP to output more than that about the error. I’ve tried uninstalling all the cck field modules related to this content type. Also I have other content types that contain the same types of cck fields and function without error.

If someone is willing to take a look I can provide login to the server.


Seems to related to APC as I’m also getting GC cache entry warnings in the apache error log.


I had the same issue awhile back when PHP was upgraded - seems the newer PHP 5.2.11 no likey APC - at least in certain scenarios.

This was APC 3.0.19, haven’t tried the newer beta versions of APC