Seeking ongoing / occasional assistance / consulting

Our sites are adult porn. Shouldn’t matter to a systems person, but there is always the chance you will see something kinky. Please be adult-friendly.

We have three servers, two now running centOS 5.2 and GPL Virtualmin/Webmin.

It is my job to manage them, yet I am a programmer and a webmaster. Not a sys admin guy.
I have picked up a lot over the years, but have no space in my head for the continuing details.
I forget stuff and I need to make myself lists of step-by-step if precoedures must be repeated.

Today I am having an issue with installing red5, getting port 1935 happening.

Last week we had a spam issue in a mailbox, that needs to be addressed.

Spam management and firewall management are more than I have time (and patience) to tackle.

Other issues come up from time to time.

I hope to find a consultant I can work with on a casual basis for help with systems administration.

You can always count on me as well. I have a cell phone which you can always SMS or call me on plus a ticket system.

sgrayban @ - 1.509.279.0985

Hey steward got your email i emailed you right back… you can also give us a call any time… the number is on out page… we will get right now this…
18884302770 ext 500
Home/busines line 570-691-1682
SMS Text message 443-207-6737
Cell 2392819850

emailed you back and i get a bounced email… give me a call we can talk more about this… and get this done for you…
888-430-2770 Ext. 500 or 570-691-1682 or skype lynkerworld

Was this ever filled – if it was please post that so we know it was.