Secondary DNS, IP


I have Virtualmin based on Debian Whezzy, and Webmin (clustered as a secondary DNS) on Centos 6.4.
My problem is, when I create new virtual server, and DNS is creating with 2 nameservers. That is ok, but all is creating with master IP address, and this is wrong. Where can I change secondary DNS IP. i’ve check skeleton file for new servers, but there is only option to change name of master DNS record…

Thank for help, and sorry for bad english

Is your secondary nameserver registered as a DNS Cluster Slave in Webmin? If so, its hostname should automatically be added as NS records into new zones. Otherwise, you can edit which IPs get added in the Server Templates, section “BIND DNS Domain”, entry “Additional manually configured nameservers”.

Loctu, thank You. My secondary DNS i registered as a DNS Cluster Slave in Webmin, so it isn in template. When I create new zone it is creating but with wrong IP number. It is creating with Primary IP DNS, and here is my problem… I don’t know where change it.

Can you specify the issue? Where exactly do you see an (the wrong) IP? Because NS records point to hostnames, not IP addresses.

You are right… But in default are added a records like admin or mail. The same in default there are ns1 and ns2 A records… and ns2 record have wrong IP number.