second ftp user


With virtual admin, we are creating a domain with the way below,

I want to add an extra ftp user to this host account

with this way it is creating without any problem.

I can not change or delete the files which are in the ftp2 user folder with’s ftp user. Which way should we follow to make the
user available for making the necessary changes on the files which are in

If you create two separate FTP users, I believe they would have different UID’s and thus not be able to edit each others files by default.

Some ways to solve that:

  1. They both belong to the same group, so if user 1 makes the files writable by their group (chmod 770), other users belonging to the same group will be able to edit them

  2. Rather than creating distinct FTP Users, you could create “Website FTP Access Users” – which all contain the same permissions as the Virtual Server owner, can be restricted to the public_html folder (or a sub-folder), and are all able to make changes to the files they each create.