search bugs and customer issues

I think it would be helpful if we could search customer issues and bugs. The forum helps, but there is numerous times I see something in bugs or customer issues that would help.

I think this should be a paying customer only type thing. Since sometimes we put information into the customer issues that may be considered sensitive, so I think it should still be hidden from crawlers and such.

Is there a way to search already and I am just not seeing it?

They are working on a new site that will hopefully have this feature. In the meantime, you can do the same thing with a Google "site" search. Simply enter the term "" as part of your Google search, and it will automatically include the bug tracker and customer issues. You can also get more specific with the URL, such as "" if you want to only search one area.

FYI, you can refer to[A HRef="">Bug #170</A> for more details on this issue.

great, thanks for the quick reply and info.

perfect example by pointing out the bug comment too :slight_smile:

You can also refer to[A HRef="">
Bug #117</A> re: Ticket Tracker Privacy.

The google search is working pretty good, but it will only search pages that have been indexed right?

That is correct, but generally I find that most of the entries get indexed pretty quickly. Google crawls through the main bug-tracker index pages, which list all the bugs, and then they get links to the individual bug reports. In fact, many bugs will appear multiple times due to different URLs used to format and display them.

Alan’s right. I see the googlebot in our logs daily. I’m not sure if we’re getting special treatment due to a reasonably high pagerank, or if Google is just that good. Regardless, I believe you’ll not miss more than a day’s issues by searching with Google.

The new site is actually getting really close. The bug tracker is one of the remaining big issues that has to be resolved before launch. I’m working on getting Flyspray working nicely within our new site (Joomla doesn’t have it’s own bug tracker, but there is a bridge for Flyspray…unfortunately, it’s kinda buggy at the moment, and so it’s proving difficult to get things working). I’m really quite frustrated by the state of bug trackers today. They’ve all gotten so complicated and the really basic and important stuff, like discussion, just gets the shaft. Luckily, Flyspray seems to be among the best of the lot at keeping it simple. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

And, it does have search. It unfortunately does not have a “make private” feature that we can use (it requires special privileges to mark an issue private and interact with it), so we’ll still have some work to do going forward to make things work the way we want. But, otherwise, it fixes all of the problems that have been identified in the current OACS bug tracker. I’m sure it introduces some problems of its own, but I believe we’ll be able to make the changes we need in FlySpray while it proved very challenging to do so in the OACS codebase. Flyspray is also being actively maintained, which isn’t really something one can say of OACS.

Not sure if your Joomla development site is intended to be seen by the public but I stumbled on it. If something can be said from the layout, I don’t like the fact that the main links are at the bottom of the page. But maybe it’s just me.

Hey Matti,

It’s not intended to be super secret or anything, but it’s definitely not launched, and definitely shouldn’t be used for anything.

Navigation will be handled differently than it is on the current site, for sure, but the exact details of where and when navigation elements are visible has yet to be determined–right now there are too many destinations and too few hints for new users about where to go for answers. There will certainly be prominent links to everything of interest on the front page, probably smack dab in the center of it. The current site is abysmal as a teaching tool–we’d like to teach people what we’re doing with Virtualmin, where we’re going with it, and help them get involved in that process. On the current site, most of those things are possible, but there isn’t any clear invitation to visitors. I’m still playing with everything at this point. For our current users…it’s probably OK. You all know we want to hear the good and the bad, and we enjoy helping folks get the most out of the product. But new folks, folks who haven’t known us for years from our work on Open Source software, will need a bit more guidance to bring them into the community.