Sdbox support in Read User mail?

At the moment i get only empty mailbox when i try to click on Read User mail and select username or type in direct path. as in “This user has no messages in” - while cmdline and IMAP client shows new and old mesages.
relevant configuration(i believe) is quiet simple - i basically specified mail_location= sdbox:/var/mail… for dovecot.

Does Webmin support sdbox mailboxes in Read User mail ?

if it does not support it directly - is there a way to go through IMAP /dovecot to read the mails ?

Thank you!
Here is my system info:

Webmin 2.105 REQUIRED

found this after posting:

Any news on this or alternative solutions ?

thanks again!

Usermin in a Virtualmin configuration uses IMAP, by default.

I don’t know if the Webmin Read Mail module has IMAP support, but I would guess it probably does, since the Usermin module forked from the Webmin module ages ago.

We have no plans to implement other mailbox formats at this time. IMAP means we don’t have to think about it. (But, as I noted I don’t know if it’s in Webmin’s module, since I don’t read mail there.)

Thanks for the reply.
Any suggestion on how to configure “Read Mail” to use IMAP ?

Only place I can see you might set it is here and I don’t see that option.


Thanks for pointing me to that little settings button on top. Completely missed it.
Mine looks a bit different than yours but still i do not see where i could specify IMAP settings or folders.
Am I missing something ?
is it possible to specify that in usermin config (highlighted)

are you seeing some thing like this in the webmin read user mail function
webmin->servers->read user mail

if so click on a user that has an entry like the ones arrowed click on that user & use the pull down to change folder. If your not getting that I would look at the postfix & dovecot configuration

yes, I have the list of users but…
here is the situation:

  • i have 2 types of users:
  1. with “one file” mailbox which is automatically created when i make new user(useradd … )
  2. "multiple file/folder " inbox with files like “dovecot.list.index.log and ‘mailboxes’ folder” - This one gets created when i delete “onefile” mailbox and user receives first mail. I assume that is dovecot creating it automatically.

So when i click on a user which has “multiple files/folders” - it is just empty. there is nothing in dropdown.

When i click on a old, “onefile” username - i get permission denied and so far i could read mailbox only when i specify absolute path at the bottom of the list and press enter.(this one i do not care too much about if i can get IMAP - above solution working)

Is it IMAP/dovecot settings that got messed up ?

Why are using useradd rather than virtualmin to create a user ? If you create a user using virtualmin is the correct directory structure created in domain/homes/username ? If so does that read correctly ?

i do not have Virtualmin installed.
I needed something for users to check incoming mail on web interface from time to time.

No need for full webmail solution but it seems might need to go that route since webmin is not cooperating :smiley:

Ok no worries I have a webmin only system but if you just install the virtualmin module (this assumes you have postfix installed) and create a domain the user is correctly created. the edit domain looks like this

However I have not installed apache/nginx or anything else bar a pptp vpn server & postfix, which does allow the user to read mail

but I never installed dovecot as my intention was just to use the read user mail function to read email & didn’t need any dovecot handling of mail, but with a bit of tweaking you should be able to get this working I guess

thanks for the help so far.
I will to look into Virtualmin and maybe some other lightweight webmail sw.

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