scroll bar for over 100 domains

[color=#FF0000]hi joe,

i just noticed that the scroll bar on the top left of virtualmin dissapears when my domains reached over 100. and it became a search box alike instead. actually, it makes things a bit difficult,since the more domains i run, i need to cut down times on this search things. and there’s another thing, when i tried to ‘list virtual servers’ it stated that i have too many domains, and i have to enter manual search for domains containing names. and this changes are automatic, is it possibe to disable the search box and stick to the original scroll bar when my domain names are below 100. Thanks.[/color]

Howdy trendy,

This behavior is configurable. Edit the Module Configuration and look in the “User interface settings” section. There you’ll find an option labeled “Maximum number of domains to display”. Set this to Unlimited, and you should be set.

hi joe

that was quick, yeah did that n its ok now… great, thanks joe, you’re
life saver… eheh…

have a nice weekend people… tata