Scripts problem

OS type and version centos 7 min
Virtualmin version virtualmin 7.3

i notice that virtualmin scripts work only in main domain, in subservers they are not working

thank you



For a subdomain that you are trying to make it work, have you first enabled the feature in the “top level” domain?

Ex. - enabled - enabled

Most features need to be enabled at the “top level” before they’ll work in the “sub-server”.

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I had a quick look at this @tpnsolutions. @nsarantopoulos is correct. On my system, the Install Scripts option is visible on the top level virtual server but not in a subserver under that very top level virtual server.

I combed the settings for an enable option for subservers but could not find it.

From this I conclude that Virtualmin has been designed for the user, who has access to the top level virtual server as well as the subserver, to install scripts only from the top level virtual server.

Install Scripts link can appear for sub-servers too. For master administrator logins it requires a domain to have enabled Apache or Nginx web-server feature and for virtual server owners, that plus Administration Options ⇾ Edit Owner Limits page must have enabled Can install scripts option.

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