Scripting languages supported by virtualmin servers


I would like to know which are the scriptting languages that can be used by the virtual hosts created using virtualmin to provide web content.

For example, if I create a virtual host using the virtualmin GUI this allow the client to use PHP, and some default configuration files are provided.

Could you tell me if it is also true when the cliente used perl, python, ruby, java, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Java is not supported because Virtualmin does not support Tomcat but the rest is offered in the Pro version of VM


Scott’s correct, Virtualmin doesn’t support Tomcat (though you could always set it up manually if you wanted, but Virtualmin doesn’t simplify that process).

You can enable Perl, Python, and Ruby handling in Virtualmin Pro or GPL, it’s just a matter of making sure that the correct Apache modules are installed, and that Apache is configured to process that particular scripting language… or you could make a .cgi script in the /cgi-bin/ directory.

There’s an Install Script for Python’s Django web framework available in Virtualmin Pro and GPL.

Virtualmin Pro has an additional feature, where it can run Ruby scripts using Mongrel, and will configure that for you.


Thanks for the replies

adding support for turnkeylinux-based distros (appliances) could greatly simplify managing things like Java/Node.js or Ruby on Rails via Webmin/Virtualmin