Script installers.

ok … is it just me … or anyone else having this problem ?

I dont see any script installers inside any domain owners login. The module works fine in my mail root virtualmin module … but when i add a domain and login to its usermin OR webmin … i dont see any installers.

So basically if i want to install anything on any domain … i have to go through the main root virtualmin login to install it into that domain !!! This really is a hassle because what if my customers want to install scripts ?? i would have to do it each time manually for them.

Hey Faisal,

I’m not sure what’s happening there. Domain owners should definitely have access to the Install Scripts button.

What is your Virtualmin module mode? (i.e. when you are logged in as the domain owner does it say "server owner mode" or "mail manager mode"?)

Is this domain generated with a custom Server Template, or the default?

Nope. Wierd thing … its not even telling me what version it is.

I will email you the username / pass for the domain i just setup so you can check it out. This is truly not normal on my server … could you PLEASE convert my license to CENT OS … because this is definitely not working out :frowning:

There are actually two different modes that a virtualmin server owner can be in, one of which is for email account management only and thus does not have access to the script installers feature. You can control the mode by logging in as the master admin, clicking on the virtual server, and then on the Edit Owner Limits button.

On the page that appears, if the ‘Can create and edit sub-servers?’ option is set to ‘No’, the server owner will only be able to manage mailboxes and aliases. If set to one of the ‘Yes’ options, he will be able to do things like install scripts, enable and disable features and so on …

Hi Faisal,

No need to convert your license. It will operate on any supported Operating System without changes, just always download the latest from before installation (I’m working on converting the script to auto-update itself, so you don’t have to re-download…but it doesn’t do so yet).

And don’t worry, we’ll get your box straightened out.


Works now. HAd to allow for Can Create Sub Servers, but yes, the feature that every domain owner can istall scripts is HIGHLY desirable.

Awesome work guys. And yep i’m totally cool with the bug fixes, cuz i love the software … and if all goes wrong … i’ll just give one of you root to my box to play with it … :smiley:


Either can the ability to Install SCripts be active by default (after all, you’d figure a server admin would/should be able to do that by default), or at least be more clearl;y labeled?

I finally found that this had to be done (allow the creation of sub-servers (!), and click on ‘can install scripts’. Still, this is so well hidden that the confusion on this functionality is not surprising.