Scheduled Cron Jobs

Hi all,

Just a couple of questions.

Browsing around VM/WM I noticed that there is no cron job for Yum updates. Is this taken care of during the updates that VM seems to do on a regular basis or should I also set up a cron job for Yum ?

I also noticed that the cron job for “/usr/share/spamassassin/sa-update.cron 2>&1 | tee -a /var/log/sa-update.log” is disabled. Again, is this taken care of elsewhere or should that be enabled ?

Thanks for reading.

Virtualmin does not perform system updates on it’s own, by default – a lot of sysadmins prefer to do it themselves in case there is a problem.

You can configure how that’s handled in System Information -> Package Updates -> Virtualmin Package Updates.

As far as the SA updates go – Virtualmin relies on the distro-provided packages for all that, so if the distro provided scripts to pull down updates are disabled, it’s likely you’ll need to enable that to get updates.


Many thanks Eric.

Apologies for being such a pain asking dumb questions.

As I have said elsewhere, I have the GPL version installed on another (production) box and I managed to mess it up horribly by doing something wrong. That box is still limping along and will have to go soon. I am therefore determined that this time I will be very careful.

Thanks for your patience.

I managed to mess it up horribly by doing something wrong
you can prevent many problems by not managing your server as root and to have an old PC at home as a developers machine to try things out.