Scheduled backups

Hello, i have an entry in my scheduled backups that can’t be deleted or marked or anything.

Is there a database were this information be saved or a config file or etc, so that i can delete this ghost entry.

The folders /etc/webmin/virtual-server/backups are empty and no with id are existent and no backup entries in cron.

Could anyone help?




What happens when you try to delete that entry… do you receive an error of some sort?

Also, could you post a screenshot of what that entry looks like?



I couldn’t delete that entry because i could not select it. If i tried to invert the selection it is marked but could not be deletet, because it doesnt exist :wink:

The solution was to edit the config in virtual-servers and delete the lines beginning with backup at the end of the file. Now the ghost is gone and i could insert my new schedules.