Scheduled backups not working - backup now, does.

Hi, I’ve been using for a long time Web/Virtual/User-min with no problems at all. We made an upgrade a while ago and restored everything with webmin and virtualmin. The few problems were easily solved but…

In virtualmin the scheduled backups aren’t working at all (the settings are made for all servers and all options) I mean no critical errors, no emails, all the options are checked, backup is enabled, no dirs or files created, nothing… I tried with simple/at dates and times.
Is something wrong with the strf-time? I got this error:

[code:1] sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token 15-12-2007/virtualmin.tar.gz' sh: -c: line 0: (cd /tmp/.webmin/61966_7_backup.cgi && (tar cf - virtualmin_* | gzip -c) 2>&1 >/home/Sambatone/Backs/Virtualmin/Backup 15-12-2007/virtualmin.tar.gz) 2>&1’ [/code:1]

But when I try a backup now it works flawlessly:

[code:1] Backing up Virtualmin settings (Module configuration, Server templates, New mailbox email messages, Custom fields) …
… done

5 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors. 4 Virtualmin configuration settings backed up successfully.

Backup is complete. Final size was 305.99 MB. [/code:1]

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Pls help… did anyone encountered this? The problem persists, and I’m still getting a “Virtualmin’s scheduled backup has been enabled for all virtual servers.” message when I enable the scheduled backup. The manual backup works.

All the servers, all the options, with strf-time in the usual format %d %m %Y