Scheduled Backup via FTP Question

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
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I need to setup a backup plan for my newly created mail server. I’ve read the Docs on, and have a few questions:

  1. Can Virtualmin do secure FTP backups via FTPS?
  2. Can Virtualmin encrypt the backup data?
  3. The documentation says "If you want to save each domain to a separate file (recommended), the destination path must be an existing directory like “/backup”… Do I need to create that first? (Or will #4 below do it?)
  4. What does the “Create destination directory?”
  5. If a virtual server gets deleted and I need to restore, will Virtualmin restore with the latest version of files, or all the incremental versions as well?
  6. If a user loses / deletes an email, can I restore just the one email file? If so, is that done via the Virtualmin interface? If not, how to do it?
  7. Will Virtualmin keep track of the free space on the backup destination? (In my case a remote FTP server).

Thanks in advance…

Any help would be appreciated…

i know answer only for question n.6

If a user loses / deletes an email, can I restore just the one email file? If so, is that done via the Virtualmin interface? If not, how to do it?

i did one time only, and i extract full backup (i do every night full backup) then “search” mail deleted and upload via sftp in right folder with right permission.
and i see correct mail via roundcube / thunderbird …

for question 7 , i don’t think virtualmin can’t do that.
or can do but with system and server status (not in backup settings)…

  1. Yes, can do via FTP/SFTP among other protocols
  2. Virtualmin Pro (licensed) can encrypt backup
  3. On the FTP server I would create the root directory where you want to store the backups
  4. Backup will create folders e.g. if you do by dates or other naming conventions, it will create said folders
  5. If you do full backups which I do for simplicity, you restore just that file. If you do incremental. Restore last full backup and last incremental (I think). Somebody else can verify that as a while since I did that (I only do full backups)
  6. @ale.ab answered that
  7. No. If you run out of space using external FTP, backup will fail with a clear error message pointing to your storage

Thank you all for your replies… Much appreciated…


Regarding the encryption… If I purchase the Pro version does this mean I will be able to have all backups encrypted by Virtualmin, before they are sent, to the backup storage location (a remote ftp server)?

Also, where is the scheduled backups setup screen is the option for FTPS? I only see FTP. Or is it somewhere else? (I couldn’t find anything on this in the Virtualmin docs)

Yes it will encrypt before sending the file(s) to remote storage. Just make sure to backup key.

It’s in the same section but SSH. I use FTP with one provider and SSH to another (backups). Without encryption. I also do a file system backup. You should test restoring backups once in a while. Whilst I was doing a test, realised restore didn’t work, like something got corrupted.

Instead of backing up in the .tar.gz format I changed it to .zip, then it worked. I changed back to .tar.gz format later and it was OK again. Bottom line, always test your backups once in a while. Or you might have 2 years worth of useless backups :grinning:

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