I have a rather odd situation, or at least it is to me.

I have two identical servers running Virtualmin on Ubuntu 16.04.

I have been looking through the logs to further investigate a lot of failed SMTP logins, and on one server I notice the line says:

Sep 3 12:01:59 triton postfix/smtpd[17303]: warning: [REMOVED]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure

and on the other it is:

Sep 3 11:52:04 hydra postfix/smtpd[13264]: warning: [REMOVED]: SASL Login authentication failed: authentication failure

Whilst only a minor difference LOGIN/Login this does seem odd and causes issues when using grep to search logs.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how this might of happened, or what can be done to make the two match.


if ur referring to “triton” and “hydra” being the difference, those are ur hostnames. i suppose u could name them alike, but theres no telling what kind of trouble thatll cause u.


No I am aware those are the hostname, it is the difference between SASL LOGIN authentication and SASL Login authentication in the log lines I was referring to.

lol, sorry. guess my recovering windows user eyes skipped right over the capitalization difference. im guessing the machines arent as identical as u think. dovecot vs cyrus sasl, version differences between the same implementation, idk.