SASL LOGIN authentication failed


I’m having issue with Postfix SMTP.

Here is the messagem I’m getting on LOG.

SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure

What can be doing this?

It could be brute force attacks if you are not sure that was because of your attempts to connect.

I forgot to tell.

That attemp is causes by me, not brute force.

I was tring to send an email to my personal mail in gmail, and the email dont sent.

I van receive email, but dont able to send.

You will need to copy entire log part what is connected with your problem so someone can check and possibly give you advice. Looking only at that part it could be you didnt use proper username or password but it could be something else.


Thanks for your atention.
Here is some print screen of my configuration. Is there something else that can help you or other people to help me?


SMTP Config.