Same Username Different Domain

I am not sure if this belongs here or the Webmin forum, but I’ll give it a go. I tried searching for this, but had no luck.

I am using Virtualmin to help on my personal servers. I am currently hosting 4 domains. I am using MySQL for storage not LDAP.

Is it possible to have the same username across different hosted domains using MySQL?? If not is it possible with LDAP?

For example

Here is what I am coming across. On domain1 I added a user called Admin. On domain2 if I try to add a user called Admin it tells me there is already a user with the same name on the same domain. So I tried to create a user and it worked. However that users email address is

Is there a work around for this?? Am I missing something??

Thanks in advance

In the Virtualmin configuration and server templates there are settings how VM should deal with usernames in case of cross-domain conflicts, and whether it should always add the domain part to the name (separated by which character).

Please look through the settings, I cant check right now since I’m on Smartphone and cant acces my Virtualmins. :slight_smile: