Russian language in Virtualmin


Russian is pretty good in Webmin, but how to translate interface of Virtualmin in russian is a question.

Please, if somebody know, what is a solution.

Is it possible in general?

I know that language configurations files is located in every dir like:


Editing the “en” file is take a reacton immediately.

But when I changing a copy of “en” named as “ru” nothing happens, why so?

May be a switch is needed to be turned “on”?


Those are all excellent questions :wink:

While I don’t know how that would work – I asked Joe and Jamie if one of them could offer some input on that.

They’re just waking up (on the west coast of the US), but they should be able to help here shortly!


You may need to restart Webmin for it to recognize that new files exist. That’s just a guess, but worth a try. I do know that Webmin in a default Virtualmin install does quite a bit of pre-caching of libraries and files for performance reasons. :wink:

Have you seen the documentation about translating Webmin modules? Virtualmin is a Webmin module, so all the same stuff applies. You can find that here:

Also note that we love translations. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have, and we definitely want to see the results of your efforts (send them along to Jamie at

The files for Russian are actually named ru_RU or ru_SU, for the two different encodings that exist (windows-1251 and koi8-r). If you want to make a Russian translation, copy the lang/en file to lang/ru_RU, switch your language to Russian CP1251, edit the lang/ru_RU file, and you should see the changes.

Actually, copying the en file isn’t really a good idea. Instead, it is better to just add the lines for text you have translated. Webmin will fall back to English if a string is not in the ru_RU file.

It’s early morning, but tonight I’ll try your tips.

When my translation will completed, I’ll publish it on my homepage.

Joint work hard to improve translation lets do it perfect, I supose.

Just one last question, I prefer utf8, what is a file name needed to be used?


There’s no need to do UTF-8 actually … if you create the ru_SU files and then send them to me, I have a script that will automatically generate UTF-8 versions, for inclusion in the next Webmin and Virtualmin releases.

If you want to create UTF-8 manually, the filename is ru.UTF-8

I’m using an OS that UTF8 is default.

Surely I’ll send to you my translation if my authorship will saved (name, e-mail and home page).

You do not mind?

It’s really work! My work has been started!

Sure, I will mention you by name in the credits for the new release …

Hi All!

I have already translated interface for some modules, and now seeking a way to make translation
less difficult.

I mean that module “virtual-server/lang” (for example) alredy translated, but it have many mistakes, though in general it not bad.

I think about to correct it and seeking a program that can add in old file new strings.

What program would you recommend to edit old translation.

P.S. My OS is a Linux.

I started to discuss the translation for Russian-speaking users on this website … And first results :


One tool that many people fine useful is wbmtranslator - have a look at :

Thanks for your link.

I has dounloaded stable version in “Files” menu, bun what is it?

How can I use it after exstracting in Webmin dir?