running XEN & KVM together?


Is it possible to run KVM & XEN instances on the same server? If so, how do I do it? All our servers already run XEN, so is it possible to add KVM instances?

Someone recently told me that they can’t run on the same server.

That said, I didn’t see any information one way or the other during a quick Google search, so I’m not entirely certain :slight_smile:


Thanx Eric,

That’s as much info as I could get my hands on as well. But, I thought I’d ask here, since there’s in option in CloudMin Settings > Module Config > KVM Settings, stating “Allow KVM host systems without kernel support?” - how exactly does this work?

If I had to guess, and I seem to be doing an unusually large amount of that today, I’d guess that refers to when the guest doesn’t have KVM support… such as Windows without any special drivers.

I’m under the impression that if the guests have knowledge that they’re running under KVM (or other Virtualization technologies), that they are capable of playing nicer.

The whole “paravirtualization” thing comes to mind – for example, some details are here: