Running Virtualmin on Amazon EC2 using EBS

First of all thank you for the great products that you’ve made.
I want to ask a few question about using Virtialmin on Amazon EC2 and also for “how it works”.

  1. Understanding the Virtualmin/Cloudmin and usermin.
    I read the documentation, but i’m not 100% sure for these:
    I have to user virtualmin to create a virtual servers. Than i have to use cloudmin to manage them, and usermin to manage the local domains/websites running on one virtual server?

  2. Setting up a virtualmin on Amazon EC2.
    I follow the instructions provided:
    and the virtual machine is running. But when i terminate the machine, all updates that i’ve made are gone. So i have to “save” tha AMI on EBS, but i can’t do that, because the button “Create image (EBS AMI)” is not clickable under the instances tab into AWS Managment.
    a.) is it possible to make a EBS AMI of Virtualmin GPL?
    b.) if it’s not i have to use Virtualmin Pro?

  3. Domain names understanding:
    I’ve already registred domain name. But i don’t know how to setup a DNS server, becouse i have to put the dns servers, into alphabetic format into the panel of registrar.
    So, i can’t place there the static IP(that i’ve already assigned to the instance).

After i use other dns servers, and make a MX record points to my elastic ip, the web page is not showing. (i’ve already setup a virtual server with that domain and wait 72h for dns refresh).

I will be very pleased if you answer to my questions.

Thanks in advice.
Best regards,
Kristiyan Ivanchevski

  1. I’ve pointed my glue ip address for the domain to the ip addres that i’ve already allocated to the Instance.

But now when i try to open domain.tld i’ve seening the apache 2 test page default page ;-(