Running Serverinstalled Software side by side with virtualmin

since my servers are quite capable of running software besides hosting, i am wondering, what would be the best way to integrate them into the system.

I am currently installing zammad, since OTRS did implicate a lot of upgrade efforts, and it was too complex in the end.

So i went ahead and installed zammad. I’ve got a domain, which i use for support stuff like Wiki.
Zammad itself is configured to use as domain. My group emailaccounts also are on main domain. So there are according emailaddresses like:, and the like, because i wanted to keep them simple in the first place, and secondly don’t want to setup a second virtual host and having to reconfigure it completely.

Now it works that way, that if i use a favorite in my browser, i can login. If i use the link to the ticket, given in Email, it will point me to the standard website, defined by apache, which is the first website in the list in folder /ect/apache2 -sites-available (and by the way the one being set by virtualmin as well)

I remember haven seen a forum post, outlining, how to get rid of this setting at all; but i can’t find it anymore.

Now i have some questions.

  1. How can i make sure, that each time i call that domain, zammad is loading and not the default website?
  2. When i enter my server’s domain which is i will also see the default website. I would like to see the content of /var/www/html instead
  3. If i create a ssl cert for i can add as well, correct? Then i could use the certificate with zammad as well.
  4. I have a virtualserver and those is a subserver, sharing the certificate with the virtualserver itself. Would #3 cause a problem there?
  5. the main virtual server won’t work with letsenctypt.

It says This is done by placing a small temporary file in the website’s document directory /home/example/public_html.

Interestingley enough it tells me, that it is checking /home/example for challenge.

I will get the following error messages:

Requesting a certificate for,, from Let’s Encrypt …
… request failed : Web-based validation failed : Failed to request certificate : challenge did not pass: DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for

DNS-based validation failed : Failed to request certificate :

Gave up waiting for validation

This is weird in general, since i took the main virtual server, together with all subservers, made a backup in one file, and transferred to this server from another, old one. It said, it restored everything, but there were missing databases and the like, so i am a little stuck.

Anybody, please?

Thanks and best

hi just_me

… I shall now say this but non of those are virtualmin issues. It appear to me that it is working for you. Best way to deal with this would be to reading docs for each cms and go from there… sorry.



  1. Virtualmin can set the default webpage. How can i make sure, no Virtulamin website is being default website?
  2. I want to use the /var/www/html folder for my FQDN being used for Virtualmin server setup.
  3. & 4.: Since i have subservers, which seem to share certificate with the main virtual server, i am wondering, why those subservers don’t have a valid certificate (letsencrypt)
  4. Main server is set in virtualmin to use letsencrypt, but as i said before, although the letsencrypt setting says it would look in /home/, the error being shown above says, it couldn’t check the folder /home/ So there might be a problem with the lets encrypt module, if i move a virtual server set from one physical server to another.
  5. I created a complete backup of the main virtual server with all subservers in one file to transfer over to a new server, but the restore process omits some items, like mysql database, and i am not sure, whether it also created some more problems.

So in my eyes, this are valid Virtualmin questions, whatever context i am working on (which i provided for better explanation, what i am talking about)