Running apache fcgi php with another user ID

Hello, I’d like to protect a wordpress install making all files in publich_html read-only, except wp-content/uploads and other exceptions. To acomplish that I choose the approach of create a new user on Virtual Server and spec this user on Services / Configure Website / “Run CGI programs as”
But after apply this settings I get these messages:

suexec policy violation: see suexec log for more details

target uid/gid (518/500) mismatch with directory (500/500) or program (500/500)

It seems I should to change permission , but I dont sure



If you’re using FCGID or CGI, suexec has to run as the user that owns the php5.cgi script.

Rather than changing that user, you could always remove the write privileges from the files within public_html.


thanks Eric, I just did the privilege changes on files, the 2nd thing that you mention