Run cron job every two seconds


I wonder how I can set a cron job to run every two seconds. Under “Webmin > System > Scheduled cron job” I can set a script to run every minute, but not every two seconds.

How do I accomplish this?

Greetings Fredrik-s

Just read that this is not possible.

One work around is to make a loop with a sleep function. Counting down.


Yeah, you’re correct, Cron doesn’t handle frequencies less than one per minute.

As you saw – the only way to do that would be to write some code of your own that handled running your program every two seconds.


Considering that cron needs to start processes for the tasks it performs, it’d probably not be a good idea to have it run something every two seconds, even if it was possible. :slight_smile:

A loop script that stays active and yields CPU cycles for two seconds each time it finishes its thing is much better.