rssh and "other shells"


I was wondering if it would possible to use rssh as shell under virtualmin. It is supported? It will be?

Thank you,
Lorenzo Lolli

We provide scponly (a similar implementation) on platforms that don’t already have it…and it is added to the list of available shells.

That said, there isn’t really anything Virtualmin does with shells–if they’re in the list of shells in /etc/shells, then they are “supported”. So, if you want to use rssh instead of scponly for this purpose, go for it. Just install it, add it to your list of shells, and then select it for one or more types of accounts in Virtualmin.

So, yes. It is possible to use rssh as a shell under Virtualmin. Likewise for just about any standalone shell (csh, tcsh, bash, scponly, even iPython or something crazy like that would work).

Hi Joe,

Could you please specify how exactly we can use scponly on Virtualmin server? I am on CentOS 5.6 and have been looking for any good way of restricting users in their home directories, but could not find any solution yet. Maybe this one would be better, I don’t know. Would be very nice if Virtualmin could offer any solution by default.