Rpm -K usermin-1.861-1.noarch.rpm. usermin-1.861-1.noarch.rpm: digests SIGNATURES PAS OK

Rocky Linux release 9.2 (Blue Onyx)
webmin 2.022-1
usermin 1.861-1


When I want to install webadmin, I get this message (in french) :
Vérifiez que les URL des clés pour ce dépôt soient correctes… Le paquet en erreur est : usermin-1.861-1.noarch
Les clés GPG sont configurées comme : file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-webmin-developers
Les paquets téléchargés ont été mis en cache jusqu’à la prochaine transaction réussie.
Vous pouvez supprimer les paquets en cache en exécutant « dnf clean packages ».
Erreur : La vérification GPG a ÉCHOUÉ

I checked with this command:
rpm -K usermin-1.861-1.noarch.rpm
if the packet is signed or if the public key is available.
The answer :
usermin-1.861-1.noarch.rpm: digest SIGNATURES NOT OK
I had to install with the option:
dnf install webmin --nogpgcheck
I think there is a small bug.



I would of thought usermin was party of webmin, maybe not.

Did you follow this, main thing is setting up the correct repo.

Yes I followed this procedure and it was during the installation of webadmin (dnf install webadmin) that I encountered this error message.
That’s why, I had to install it with the “–nogpgcheck” option to be able to install it.
As you can see with this command:
rpm -K usermin-1.861-1.noarch.rpm
this package is not signed and encrypted to guarantee its authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

Maybe @Jamie can help on this.

Oh I see the issue - the usermin package needs to be re-signed. We’ll be doing a new release ASAP that will fix the signature…

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