Routing 2 web servers

I have a business account with Cox and 1 dedicated IP address.
Currently my router is configured with the dedicated IP.

I want to put 2 web servers (load balanced) before the router with dedicated IP addresses.

Do I just need to put a switch before the router and configure the servers with dedicated IPs?Is this as simple as installing a switch? (cable modem to switch to router)



web01 - IP2 - iptables

web02 - IP3 - iptables


NAT Router - IP1


Internal Network

Is there a better way to do this?
Is there a better home router that will allow me to load multiple IP address with port forwarding?

My main problem is that I need port 80/443 on 3 servers (2 Virtualmin / 1 Windows IIS Remote Desktop Gateway)

Any recommendations?