Route 53 Configuration in Virtualmin 6.15+

If I understand correctly, the integration with Route53 was made available in virtualmin since v6.15. However, I am unable to find any default module or menu item where I can configure this either within Virtualmin or Webmin. What am I missing? Should I be installing any additional modules? If so, which ones?

Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version:6.16


Have a look at Virtualmin ⇾ Addresses and Networking ⇾ Cloud DNS Providers page.

@Ilia I noticed this doesn’t come up when I search for “Route 53” in the UI. That seems weird, I would have expected it to at least find the page to configure it, but I guess it’s a generic page with a query string making it for Route 53…is that fixable?

what’s weird is, yesterday when I searched for “cloud”, “dns”, “aws” & “route53”. It did not show up. And lo and behold its there now. I’m left scratching my head!

Yes, it is. Do you think it should be searchable using autocomplete or regular search (when hitting enter and actually running the search on the server side) or both?

I dunno. Coming up at all when you search for “Route 53” would be a big improvement.

Yeah, same as when searching for MySQL when MariaDB is installed and visa versa should return results. I will see what can be done.

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Alright, here is what I’ve done for now with the latest commit, so searching for will return:

Search String                 Resulted Page

MySQL or MariaDB        ⇾ MySQL/MariaDB Database Server

Amazon Route 53          ⇾ Cloud DNS Providers
DKIM                              ⇾ DomainKeys Identified Mail
Dropbox/Rackspace/S3 ⇾ Cloud Storage Providers

image image image image


Let’s be even-handed then with Register, Gandi and Namescheap in Webmin → Networking → Virtualmin Domain Registration.

Does Webmin + Virtualmin integrate with any other third-party services? Maybe add a page in the wiki as well as in the marketing material for integration that Virtualmin offers out of the box?

Heck, I’ve been using Virtualmin Pro for over 10 years and didn’t even know there was a search feature. I did find it, but it took some looking. :grimacing: I only searched for the search feature after reading this post.

Maybe you might consider making it visible?

I use, and always have, the Authentic theme.

I know, my bad…



Yeah, the contrast of that UI element is too low. @Ilia can you fix the contrast on the search field?

Those are a different category of service. Those are domain registrar APIs. Route 53 takes the place of the DNS server (and also can register domains, though I don’t think we support that side of it).

Yeah, fixed on the latest commit (for all palettes). Thanks for pointing that out – I am not sure how I managed to ignore it for so long.

Alright, I have finalized work on this new feature, fixed few bugs and added an ability to extend for server administrators a suggestion list, rather than hardcoding it.

It can be setup for any language, using the following data structure:

settings_autocomplete_extra_associations_privileged = 
  { 'en': [{ 'mysql': 'MySQL MariaDB' },
           { 'virtual-server': [
             ['edit_newmysqls', 'MySQL MariaDB'],
             ['dkim', 'DKIM'],
             ['edit_domdkim', 'DKIM'],
             ['dnsclouds', 'AWS Amazon Route 53'],
             ['list_clouds', 'AWS Amazon S3 Rackspace Cloud Files Google Cloud Storage Dropbox Backblaze']

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