Roundcube - Unable to login - 504 Gateway Time-out


On my Production environment, I had to change the hostname of the server (I need some help on that as well, but I will do that in another thread), but now I have reverted the change and everything is back as normal.

However, since then I have lost access to my emails. When I log in to:, I get the login page but when I enter the id and password, it keeps thinking and finally fails with an error:

504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn’t respond in time.

Just so you know, I have around 10 domains hosted and running perfectly fine on a single server using Virtualmin and all of them show perfect health condition when tested with MxtoolBox - except one warning: "SOA Expire Value out of recommended range ".

I have checked everything at my end, right from,, ufw, pfSense firewall, rebooted pfSense, rebooted the server but the issue still persists.

I did a lot of google search but there is nothing available w.r.t Virtualmin except one link around Php timeout, which is not relevant to my issue.

Any pointer/help/suggestion will be highly appreciated, as it is a production server.

Many Thanks,

The SOA message is related to your DNS settings.
To the first thing, did you check the log files and are the services up and running?


Thanks for getting back.

The main reason for my post was to get a solution for 504 error, which I have managed to resolve… the system was taking too much time to respond and it was because of Jitsi that we tested on Test and then moved on Prod but it has been playing up ever since it went live…

I have just stopped all service and now machine response time has decreased making it accessible for other services and all seems to be fine now.

Coming to “The SOA message”, can you please elaborate on where should I look for the details, what exactly I should be looking for and then what should I do next depending upon what I find.

Just so you know, I don’t manage my own DNS… it is all managed by (at least until now) by GoDaddy.

Many Thanks,

I expected that you noticed this link, when you used MxToolbox. But you should check it. :slight_smile:
Check that link and the RFC recommendation for that. You said you checked it with MxToolbox, means you should have seen the SOA value. In that case you can easily see if it needs to be adjusted.
And with that information you might open a ticket at your hoster.

Oh sorry, I could not comprehend it earlier.

I have already made those changes… earlier my SOA was around 600000 but now I have updated it to
1500000 which is within the range recommended by MxToolbox.

However, the issue still persists.

Many Thanks,

It is possible that it takes time (around 24 hours is pretty normal for some DNS changes) to really push through or did you see the updated values with your latest check?

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