Roundcube stating "Login Failed"

Ubuntu and 20.04
Virtualmin 7.5
Webmin 2.011

I have been having issues with my Roundcube login. It’s been stating “Login Failed” every time even when the credentials are correct. could anyone here help with how this can be resolved?

Thanks in advance

never had a issue with Roundcude, check the mail log file for the reason. Only other things if you did some failed logins Fail2ban may have blocked your ip.

having the same issue, have you been able to sort yours?

check Roundcube stating "Login Failed" is that the prob?

I just sent up my mail server. Tried to login on roundcude with the current login details I created and it’s keeps giving “login failed” error.

Apparently I’m not the only one facing this, a lot of people are complaining about it too. I’m pretty new to this… it’s be stressful… all the information I’ve found online hasn’t been that helpful.

Again please mail check log. Maybe its duplicate name and you need to add a domain for authentication. But log should give a clue.

Had the same issue. Failed login even when credentials are correct. Here is a fix: Roundcube not login - #3 by Ilia

thanks! this worked for me!.. using the 2nd option.

but i noticed i got the error again when i tried to re-login

so i tried fixing this with the first option and here’s what i got


public function connect($host = null, $port = null, $user = null, $pass = null)
$rcube = rcube::get_instance();

    // disconnect/destroy $this->conn

    // reset error/response var
    $this->error = $this->response = null;

    if (!$host) {
        $host = $rcube->config->get('smtp_host', 'localhost:587');
        if (is_array($host)) {
            if (array_key_exists($_SESSION['storage_host'], $host)) {
                $host = $host[$_SESSION['storage_host']];
            else {
                $this->response[] = "Connection failed: No SMTP server found for IMAP host " . $_SESSION['storage_host'];
                $this->error = ['label' => 'smtpconnerror', 'vars' => ['code' => '500']];
                return false;
    else if (!empty($port) && !empty($host) && !preg_match('/:\d+$/', $host)) {
        $host = "{$host}:{$port}";

    $host = rcube_utils::parse_host($host);

    // let plugins alter smtp connection config
    $CONFIG = $rcube->plugins->exec_hook('smtp_connect', [
        'smtp_host'      => $host,
        'smtp_user'      => $user !== null ? $user : $rcube->config->get('smtp_user', '%u'),
        'smtp_pass'      => $pass !== null ? $pass : $rcube->config->get('smtp_pass', '%p'),
        'smtp_auth_cid'  => $rcube->config->get('smtp_auth_cid'),


what do i do pls?

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