Roundcube register plugin?

I’ve purchased and installed the roundcube register plugin after installing roundcube using the installer, and now I’m not sure what database I should configure the register plugin to use. It says I should configure it to use the database where mail accounts are stored, and when looking in my error log, it also requires that database to have the mailbox and aliases tables.

Where would that database be, on a virtualmin installation? The default roundcube database doesn’t contain those tables listed above.

Thanks in advance!


Hmm, I may have some bad news :slight_smile:

It’s possible that requires a setup that’s not compatible with your setup.

Virtualmin expects your email users to be system users, and the users, aliases, and email addresses are setup in the Postfix config in /etc/postfix/.

And then, to add new users, it would require root access to the system (which Virtualmin has).

It’s not normally possible for a web app to add a new email user without having root access, or without having a driver that uses the Virtualmin API to add a new one.

What it sounds like that plugin is expecting, is for your system to use MySQL to store users, rather than storing them in Postfix.

And that’s a different setup than what Virtualmin uses for email users.

If you wanted to use that RoundCube plugin, you’d need to manually configure your server to store email users in MySQL. And any email users created by RoundCube wouldn’t be managed by Virtualmin. So you’d probably want to disable Virtualmin’s email feature in that case.

An alternative to that would be to use Virtualmin’s signup plugin, which would allow users to signup in a way that would be correctly added to the Postfix config.


Oh, ok, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Luckily the plugin wasn’t expensive, just $4.
I’ll tell my users to sign up using the Virtualmin signup plugin. Would it be possible to allow them to sign up to mail only?


I’m unfortunately not too familiar with it, you may want to try installing it and tinkering with it a bit.

Doing a little digging, I found this description that Joe wrote a few years back:

wbm-virtualmin-signup - Allow anonymous users to create mailboxes for themselves. Very iffy. But some folks wanted it for intranets and such. I’d suggest being very careful with this one. The only protection against spammers abusing your system is a CAPTCHA.


I’ve installed it, but when I go to “Webmin -> System -> Virtualmin Mailbox Signup”, it gives me this error message:
No domains have been setup for mailbox signup!

How would I enable it for my main domain?


Hmm, I don’t recall off the top of my head (and I don’t have that plugin installed), but I suspect it would be in one of two places –

  1. Possibly in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features

  2. Or possibly in System Settings -> Features and Plugins -> Virtualmin Mailbox Signup -> Configure

Do either of those two do the trick?


Yes thank you, the second location was correct. I had to enable the plugin there, after which I had to go to the first location to enable it for my primary domain.

Thanks again!