Roundcube Plugins Suggestions?

OS type and version Rocky 8.7
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3 Pro
Related packages Roundcube

I don’t use Rouncube very much because I prefer conventional email clients (Thunderbird for Windows and Canary for Apple devices). I do have clients who use it heavily, however.

Does anyone who is more familiar with Roundcube have suggestions for a nice set of initial plugs for a new server I’m setting up?

I’d appreciate specific suggestions because the repo lists many plugins that appear to do the same things, and I’d like to install the ones that do it best.



Not sure what you mean by Roundcube plugins. I need roundcube to check the spam folder as I use POP for thunderbird (don’t like mail building up on the server either) and its always good webmail access.


Enhancements to Roundcube that the client might like. I added the context menu and the notifier because they looked useful.

I may add the CardDAV and CalDAV plugins. I’ll ask the client if he uses them. He probably does because he uses an iPhone, so he probably uses iCloud.