Roundcube plugin for changing password


Awesome, I’ve been looking for this. However it doesn’t work for me. I have roundcube installed in one location, and have my users login with username.domain and password.

Please explain what is going wrong, do you have any error messages?

From roundcube i get: Could not save new password

In the error log of roundcube i see this:
[27-Mar-2010 18:01:07 +0100]: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /home/ in /home/ on line 0 (POST /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

Make sure the file permissions are correct -r-sr-x—

Yes, been going through all the steps at least 10 times, so it’s not that either:/ Although the file is red when it’s chmod’ed that way, i did also test with full permissions.

I am interested to know what it extracts from $_SESSION[‘username’] If it’s the login name that people enter, that would be username.domain i don’t understand: $domain = substr(strrchr($username, “@”), 1);
That line looks like it’s searching for @ and grabs whatever is behind it, but if the username variable only has username.domain it won’t work.

So any ideas? I’d like to know what kind of setup you are using, do you use username.domain or username@domain in virtualmin?

Hello guys. So I installed roundcube-0.4 (that's the version that the theme i bought require). Activated all stuff... But I only have this problem, the password changing.... I took the last password plugin, but it refuse to work.

I have this error: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /usr/share/roundcubemail-0.4/plugins/password/drivers/chgvirtualminpasswd in /usr/share/roundcubemail-0.4/plugins/password/drivers/virtualmin.php on line 67 (POST /webmail/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

Notice the chgvirtualminpasswd works if you invoke it in terminal: ./chgvirtualminpasswd modify-user ....etc.

Anyone can provide some help please?

I really don't know what to do, except jumping from the 5'th floor!

Sorry for jumping into an old thread I have followed every relevant thing:

I foloowed the guide at
I also implemebted the suggessions in the following:

But I am still getting new password could not be saved:

[01-Apr-2013 18:21:08 +0100]: PHP Error: Password plugin: Unable to execute /home/conjurenet/domains/ in /home/mycompany/domains/ on line 75 (POST /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)