roundcube on local network gives http 404 error


I have a virtualmin running and update to the newest version. However when I install the roundcube script, and I navigate to which is my virtualmin server, (running locally for now to test) I get “Http 404 - Not Found: The requested URL /roundcube was not found on this server.” even though the script ran fine. Of I go to that email client works fine but I would prefer roundcube.

The same happens with the squirrelmail script.

Thank you.


If you’ve setup a Virtual Server for your domain – going to isn’t necessarily the same as going to your Virtual Server. That is, Apache may be giving you the same site for each.

If you’re going to be accessing it by IP address, you may want to try going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and make sure that your Virtual Server is set to the default for that IP address.

Alternatively, you could add a hosts/lmhosts entry on your desktop that associates the Virtual Server’s domain name with the IP


Awesome! that did it.